Code Updates

Released 3/20/2023

Legends of Valhalla v23.03.10

Highlights: Rage Champion added, Viking Raid Champion added, Weapons enhance scoring, Raiders enhance scoring, War on Land enhanced scoring, new lighting in all stacked battles, balls can be locked in ship in Rampage and War on Land, bug fixes and additional polish. Recommend following service menu settings to take advantage of new logic: * enable 'Combos Fire Thors Hammer' * enable 'Pulse Kraken Magnet at Ship Exit' * change 'R-A-I-D Completions to start RAID' to 30 or higher

Download | Release Notes

Released 8/26/2022

Oktoberfest v22.09.19

TEAM PLAY now added! - Go into Settings - Standard - Team Play - YES **See change log for other code details**

Download | Release Notes

Released 8/1/2022

Legends of Valhalla v22.07.27

Added tournament mystery award selection. Changed the spinner flasher into both a GI spot lamp/feature lamp. Incremental scoring for War on Land battles, Rampage and Viking Multiball. Allowed a second visit to Valhalla. Some bug fixes and changes too. Please read changelog for a complete list of changes. Recommend setting REPLAY score to 60 million and Replay boost to 10 million due to new scoring.

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Released 10/28/2021

Hot Wheels v21.10.24

Latest code with TEAM PLAY!

Download | Release Notes

Released 10/28/2021

Houdini v21.10.25

Team Play — Teams of any size (2 vs 2, 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1) or even everyone on one team! Bug fixes and improvements, including new magic shop items.

Download | Release Notes

Released 1/20/2021

Houdini v21.1.21

Improvements to game choreography, additional rules/scoring, bug fixes, tons more. See release notes for more info.

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Released 12/14/2020

Hot Wheels v20.12.10

Volume adjustments for music, voice and effects, new ball added animation

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Released 9/24/2020

Oktoberfest v20.09.23

Fix for game rebooting when match feature is disabled, otherwise same as 20.09.19

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