Code Updates

Released 9/6/2023

Legends of Valhalla v23.09.19

Highlights: ADD: JUKEBOX option with animation - when enabled during ATTRACT MODE hold the left flipper for 5 seconds to start the jukebox, JUKEBOX bonus tracks - 4 bonus music tracks available in JUKEBOX mode only, Grendel - added additional screen messages for ship docking/releasing during this battle, Victory Laps - award Shield of the gods (outlane save) at victory lap completion ---- CHANGE: War at Sea/Viking Multiball - increased the scoring effect of raiders on these multiballs, Ship release ball save - increased ball save time, Grendel - side lock targets now turn purple when completed in stage 1, Sea Multiball/MB Legend battle - ballsave is now enabled as soon as the 3rd ball is locked in the ship, War of the clans "wealth" scoring increased from 150k per shot to 1.5million per shot, Escape the Kraken - during mode, pause timer when locking balls in the ship, DOUBLE SCORING - reduce right ramp shots from 7 to 4 for double playfield scoring, right ramp arrow blinks in YELLOW when 1 shot is remaining to start double scoring, enable double scoring for all modes including wizard modes, enable double scoring for Valkyrie and Thors hammer, Double scoring - ship will blink in YELLOW, at 10 seconds blink twice as fast, at 5 seconds blink RED ---- FIX: As listed in documentation.

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Released 8/28/2023

Galactic Tank Force v23.08.22B

Highlights: -- FIXED -- fixed a bug that could cause a crash upon entering service menu after an audit clear FIXED -- fixed a bug that could cause slow lightshows NEW -- Back panel flashers now indicate the return direction of ramp shots. NEW -- HSTD: added high scores for Air Strike, Cow-a-Bongo, and Meltdown Multiballs. NEW -- Ice Cream Social: overall improvements; still in progress. NEW -- Tank Zulu: overall improvements; still in progress. MODIFIED -- Air Strike Multiball: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Audio: rebalanced volume levels of some SFX and fanfares. MODIFIED -- general improvements to A/V choreography and styling. MODIFIED -- Cow-a-Bongo Multiball: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Lab: added additional awards. MODIFIED -- Meltdown: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Service Menus: freshened UI styling. MODIFIED -- Tank Battles: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- UFO: extend timer after each hit on the swinging target. FIXED -- Credit handling: fixed bug that could cause incorrect processing of coins-per-credit selections. FIXED -- corrected actor scenes with missing speech -- let us know if we missed some. FIXED -- fixed a bug that could cause too many balls to be saved. FIXED -- fixed a bug that could cause the playfield to be prematurely validated. FIXED -- Knocker: fixed a bug that could cause the knocker not to fire.

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Released 6/2/2023

Galactic Tank Force v23.05.30

Highlights: -- NEW -- Ice Cream Social: initial implementation. NEW -- Knocker effects: some in-game knocker effects have been added for machines with a physical knocker -- more to come. Check that Settings > Standard > Knocker is set to "Mechanical", and Settings > Standard > Knocker Usage is set to your preference. FIXED -- Air Strike Multiball: improved possible ball save glitches. FIXED -- Ball Search: was not firing all appropriate coils. FIXED -- Lab: fixed a potential crash when Tournament Mode is enabled. FIXED -- Shoot Again light now lights as expected when player has collected an Extra Ball. MODIFIED -- Air Strike Multiball: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Attract Mode: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Lab: improved Plotnick choreography. MODIFIED -- Meltdown: improved choreography. MODIFIED -- Ramp Diverter: reduced lockout time for repeated button presses. MODIFIED -- Settings > Coils > Up Post: allows greater range of power settings. If your game's up- post (between the flippers) does not consistently raise for several seconds after hitting the Tank while "Defense" is lit, try raising the Up Post power +5 or +10 and testing again, until it is consistent. MODIFIED -- Tank Battles: improved choreography. KNOWN ISSUE -- A small number of actor scenes are missing speech. KNOWN ISSUE -- A black scene may briefly appear when qualifying the Lab.

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Released 4/26/2023

Galactic Tank Force v23.04.24

Highlights: -- New -- Added settings for "Air Lock", "Cow a Bongo Ball Save Time", "Lucky Break Always Saves Ball", "Virtual Locks", "Trough Settle". | New -- Ball Save: Quick ball save now given for outlane drain with ball saver active. | Fixed -- Bonus, Match screen text, Quantum Accelerator text. | Fixed -- Settings > Presets: fixed a bug that could crash the machine when accessing Presets. | Modified -- improved A/V choreography of all missions, multiballs, awarding badges, and tank battle shots. | Modified -- Air Lock: improved handling when balls do not smoothly exit the lock. Modified -- Ball Save: always autolaunch saved balls if playfield is valid, all ball save adjustments can now be disabled (0 seconds) if desired. | Modified -- Defense Shield: tweaked rules for when the popup post will be raised. | Modified -- Lucky Break lanes: tweaked rules and awards for these lanes. | Modified -- Mission VUK improved eject logic, Skill Shot logic, score balancing tweaks throughout. | Modified -- Tests > UFO: now shows the state of all UFO switches while the test is active.

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Released 4/10/2023

Galactic Tank Force v23.04.03

Highlights: New -- added Setting > Standard > Game Abort Allowed. Modified -- general improvements to A/V choreography. Fixed -- fixed a bug that could allow a game to be started with a partial credit.

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Released 3/20/2023

Legends of Valhalla v23.03.10

Highlights: Rage Champion added, Viking Raid Champion added, Weapons enhance scoring, Raiders enhance scoring, War on Land enhanced scoring, new lighting in all stacked battles, balls can be locked in ship in Rampage and War on Land, bug fixes and additional polish. Recommend following service menu settings to take advantage of new logic: * enable 'Combos Fire Thors Hammer' * enable 'Pulse Kraken Magnet at Ship Exit' * change 'R-A-I-D Completions to start RAID' to 30 or higher

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Released 8/26/2022

Oktoberfest v22.09.19

TEAM PLAY now added! - Go into Settings - Standard - Team Play - YES **See change log for other code details**

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Released 8/1/2022

Legends of Valhalla v22.07.27

Added tournament mystery award selection. Changed the spinner flasher into both a GI spot lamp/feature lamp. Incremental scoring for War on Land battles, Rampage and Viking Multiball. Allowed a second visit to Valhalla. Some bug fixes and changes too. Please read changelog for a complete list of changes. Recommend setting REPLAY score to 60 million and Replay boost to 10 million due to new scoring.

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Released 10/28/2021

Hot Wheels v21.10.24

Latest code with TEAM PLAY!

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Released 10/28/2021

Houdini v21.10.25

Team Play — Teams of any size (2 vs 2, 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1) or even everyone on one team! Bug fixes and improvements, including new magic shop items.

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