Code Updates

Released 1/20/2021

Houdini v21.1.21

Improvements to game choreography, additional rules/scoring, bug fixes, tons more. See release notes for more info.

Download | Release Notes

Released 12/14/2020

Hot Wheels v20.12.10

Volume adjustments for music, voice and effects, new ball added animation

Download | Release Notes

Released 10/16/2020

Hot Wheels v20.10.15

Full Code Update Now with Treasure Hunts!

Download | Release Notes

Released 9/24/2020

Oktoberfest v20.09.23

Fix for game rebooting when match feature is disabled, otherwise same as 20.09.19

Download | Release Notes

Released 10/28/2019

Oktoberfest v19.10.24

Update animations, new music, voice calls, match sequence, and a ton more. See release notes for installation instructions and to see what has changed.

Download | Release Notes

Released 4/7/2019

Houdini v19.4.7

Fixes for issues found in the 19.4.6 release

Download | Release Notes

Released 12/13/2018

Houdini v18.12.12

Houdini Code update with lots of improvements and fixes. See release notes for info on installing the update and for what has changed in this release.

Download | Release Notes

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