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  • What is the intended playfield pitch for Houdini?

    Designer Joe Balcer likes to see the playfield pitch at 6 degrees, that is obtained by having the leg levelers all the way up (no threads showing between the bottom of the leg and the foot)

  • What is the fuse rating for the fuses on the coil driver boards?

    There are 4 fuses, the fuses for the Brown, Red and Blue lines are 6.3 ASB. The fuse for the Black line is 4 ASB.

  • What transistor do you use on the coil driver boards?

    It is an IRL540N, N channel FET.

  • My Scoop isn’t working right, it takes several attempts to eject the ball.

    Download the Scoop Adjustment doc from our website under Support/Resources and perform the adjustments.

  • I am unable to hit all 3 targets with the skill shot.

    Download the Service Bulletin #3 from our website under Support/Resources and perform the adjustments.

  • How many pinballs are in Houdini?

    Houdini uses 6 pinballs.

  • How do I update Houdini to the latest code?

    First you need a USB stick of at least 4 Gig, Formatted as FAT32. Download the game package from the website, copy onto the USB drive (make sure the package name doesn’t change) Plug into the game with power on and follow the onscreen directions.

  • Electrical

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  • What is the bill acceptor voltage on Oktoberfest?

    12 Volts. With standard size bill holder cassette.

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