Legends of Valhalla: Code Update 24.01.19

1/18/2024 by American Pinball

Legends of Valhalla: Code Update 24.01.19

Legends of Valhalla owners can go to the American Pinball support page and download the latest update for the game.

Prepare for battle!


Highlights include:


Multiball Legend Completion
Add a 3-second ball saver/grace period during Victory Laps startup

Valhalla - intro light show and effects

Extra Ball points award
(10 million or 20 with 2X) when max number of extra balls has been exceeded

Battles Played to Light Special: (10-15) default = 12

Special Award Type (Free Game, Extra Ball, Points) default = Free Game

Special Points setting (and max extra balls) award 25 million points also subject to 2X doubler

Berzerker Attack:
Berzerker Defenses for Extra Ball' (3-8)
- adjust Maximum extra balls (default 1 range 0-6)
- when enabled berzerker rises during the 16 legend battles at a random time
- you have 15 seconds to hit the berzerker when visible to add a berzerker hit
- score Berzerker Attack hits during battles to award an EXTRA BALL

Other additions, changes, and fixes as noted in the documentation.

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