Hot Wheels CODE UPDATE 20.08.01

8/13/2020 by American Pinball

Hot Wheels CODE UPDATE 20.08.01

Read Release Notes Before Installing:

Hot WheelsTM

Latest Version: 20.08.01
Release Notes
Updating your Hot WheelsTM machine is a simple process. During the
update process, none of your current settings will be changed.
To install the update . . .
1) Download the update code and copy it onto a USB stick (FAT32,
minimum 4 GB).
2) Turn on your Hot WheelsTM machine.
3) Open the coin door and find the USB extension cable. It should be
anchored to the left side wall of the cabinet.
4) Insert the USB stick into the extension cable.
5) After a few seconds, the display should indicate that code is being
updated. The code update process takes approximately 10 minutes.
6) An on-screen message will advise when the update process is
complete. Shut down the game, remove the USB stick, and power the game
back up.
7) Enjoy an Epic game!
IMPORTANT NOTICE -- if your machine has a serial number under 3050,
and your machine currently has version 20.06.10 or 20.06.16,
you may have to make a minor wiring change to your game after
updating. To determine if you need this change, with the game in
attract, look at the three GI lamps near the EPIC stand-ups. If the
upper most one is not working, then you need to make the
wiring change. Instructions at: <
NEW -- added adjustments for "Boost Scoring Tach Advance" and "Boost
Scoring Ready Memory" (under Settings > Game Features).
NEW -- added adjustment for "Loop Multiball Super Jackpot
Timer" (under Settings > Game Features).
NEW -- added adjustment for "General Illumination Brightness" (under
Settings > Standard). This allows playfield inserts and GI brightness
to be adjusted separately.
NEW -- added several new pricing plans, improve token handling.
NEW -- added on-screen messaging at power-up if there is a problem
communicating with the P-ROC controller.
NEW -- added support for incremental code updates in the future.
NEW -- added new display and lighting effects when advancing Gears
when Redline ends.

NEW -- changed presentation for Tilt Warning and Tilt.
NEW -- added new display effect for Advance Bonus X.

NEW -- added new display effect when adding fuel during Battles (B-A-
T-T-L-E targets).

NEW -- completing all B-A-T-T-L-E targets during a Battle now adds a
significant extra amount of fuel.
NEW -- fuel consumption during Battles will be paused if there is no
game activity for several seconds.
NEW -- Skill Shot now briefly flashes the Tach level reached from
revving the engine with the left flipper.
NEW -- added knocker effect when awarding a credit.
NEW -- added new music track for Legend Multiball.
NEW -- added new music track when entering initials for a high score /
champ record.
MODIFIED -- tweaked default strengths for several coils.
MODIFIED -- options now wrap around when editing Settings in service
MODIFIED -- cleaned up some unused audits; correctly tally others that
were not being updated.
MODIFIED -- adjusted scoring balance throughout.
MODIFIED -- enhanced rules for T-rex Battle. Spinners now build up
value to be collected on the right ramp shot.
MODIFIED -- during Gorilla Battle ramps phase, the blue ramp will now
be awarded from a left orbit shot if the ball is diverted for Race
MODIFIED -- the "Advance Race Position" Collector Case Award will no
longer be given during multiball.
MODIFIED -- improved end-of-ball Bonus choreography.
MODIFIED -- improved Extra Ball choreography.
MODIFIED -- improved Redline Jackpot choreography.
MODIFIED -- improved Loop Crash Multiball choreography.
MODIFIED -- improved choreography when starting a Battle and Car Chaos
MODIFIED -- improved presentation of on-screen Tach in higher gears
and when Boost is active.
MODIFIED -- numerous enhancements to game lighting.
MODIFIED -- the shot/target lamps for completed Epic Features will now
turn solid when it has been qualified for Epic Collect.
MODIFIED -- numerous changes and enhancements to sound effects.
MODIFIED -- in Track Multiball, Jackpot and Super Jackpot values now
reset after Mega Jackpot is collected or times out.
MODIFIED -- animations no longer abort by double-flipping when the
ball is actively in play.
MODIFIED -- status panel will now auto-hide when there are changes in
game state.
FIXED -- resolved possible crash when entering service mode.
FIXED -- fixed service mode Utilities > Clear Balls sometimes not
clearing all balls from the machine.
FIXED -- ensure system volume is correctly set at power-up.
FIXED -- fixed several edge-case bugs when starting Redline Mania.

FIXED -- Epic Cars no longer prevents collection of cars toward Case
Awards and Car Chaos.
FIXED -- corrected scoring issues during Legend Multiball, including
Legend Jackpot not actually being awarded.
FIXED -- resolved issue where GI would flicker when changing color due
to tach changes

NEW -- new choreography for end-of-ball Bonus.
NEW -- removed "Redline" element from end-of-ball Bonus; replaced with
a multiplier for current Gear.
NEW -- added shot/target lighting for active Epic Features.
NEW -- added fanfares when advancing Race Positions.
NEW -- 10x Tach Value Boost is now only available 1 time per Gear
(adjustable: Settings > Game Features > Boosts Per Gear). Later
Boosts on the same gear increase Tach value.
NEW -- Victory Lap multiball ball save time is now adjustable
(Settings > Game Features > Victory Lap Multiball Ball Save Time).
NEW -- total number of Cars Collected is now shown on the game status
MODIFIED -- adjusted Battle Health Bar to make instruction text
larger / more legible.
MODIFIED -- left-side icons on the on-screen Dashboard have been
MODIFIED -- changed choreography of Tilt Warning / Tilt.
MODIFIED -- when the game is tilted, any balls in the shooter lane are
now auto-launched.
MODIFIED -- improved choreography when starting Redline Mania when
ball saver is still active.
MODIFIED -- improved choreography when ending Redline while a Battle
is active.
MODIFIED -- "miscellaneous" switch points are now awarded during
MODIFIED -- don't show multiball progress Dashboard icons during
Draven Battle, since multiball can't be stacked on Draven.
MODIFIED -- stacking Victory Lap Multiball and Loop Crash Multiball
now puts additional balls into play.
MODIFIED -- increased value of the "points" Case Mystery Award.
MODIFIED -- if Boost is collected on the kicker shot, Boost is now
awarded before any other awards on that shot (Battle / multiball).
MODIFIED -- made it easier to advance the Tach at higher gears.
MODIFIED -- Battle and Multiball "Total" pages now display longer so
they're easier to read.
MODIFIED -- avoid possibility of Super Skill Shot awarding a score
that ends in 5.
MODIFIED -- improved choreography at end of T-rex Battle.
MODIFIED -- changed Loop Crash Multiball Super Jackpot lamp color to
reduce confusion when stacked with Victory Lap Multiball.

MODIFIED -- can now collect the Gorilla Battle left ramp shot as
expected during Loop Crash Multiball.
MODIFIED -- score balance adjustments for Loop Crash Multiball, Track
Builder Multiball, and Victory Lap Multiball.
FIXED -- ensure Track Builder drop target is down at start of ball if
Start Battle is available on that shot.
FIXED -- ensure Track Builder drop target is down if Extra Ball is lit
on that shot.
FIXED -- ensure Draven's Tower drop target is raised at the start of
Draven Battle.
FIXED -- clean up lights that might be left on at the conclusion of
Draven Battle.
FIXED -- correctly update the health bar when shots are made during
Triceratops Battle.

FIXED -- ball should no longer be held on the magnet if you double-
flip to fast-forward Race Start.

FIXED -- avoid situation where Case Mystery Award "Start Creature
Battle" could award a Battle you've already played.
FIXED -- improve fanfare choreography.
FIXED -- resolve problem where on-screen display of Credits were not
always updated properly.
FIXED -- Track Multiball should no longer end with multiple balls in
play caused by a last-second add-a-ball.
FIXED -- improve lights not being restored properly after Redline
FIXED -- zap bug that could cause balls to be held in the Track
Builder VUK forever.
FIXED -- correctly assign Fastest Racer time if multiple players in
the same game beat the prior record (or the same player does it
multiple times).

FIXED -- avoid animations for Replay or Extra Ball getting stuck on-
screen if earned during Redline.

FIXED -- ensure that Settings pages are correctly updated on-screen
after performing Install Preset or Reset Defaults.
FIXED -- resolve possible machine hang after setting date/time.
FIXED -- avoid endless scrolling when using flipper buttons in
Settings > Coils.

FIXED -- "4 Players Only" message could be frozen on-screen when
trying to add more than 4 players.

FIXED -- "Please Wait - Looking for Missing Balls" could be frozen on-
screen if balls were missing from trough at game start time.

Initial release to production. Challenge Accepted!

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