'Oops, we did it again!'

10/26/2023 by American Pinball

'Oops, we did it again!'

It was a "Galactic TANKover" once again at the 39th Annual Pinball Expo23 held at the Renaissance Convention Center in booming Schaumburg, Illinois.

The Award for "Best of Show / First Place" went to the talented and dedicated team at American Pinball, Inc., led by Mr. David Fix - who outdid themselves with a multi-media extravaganza which also included a crowd-pleasing appearance by the LIVE cast of Galactic Tank Force!

In attendance were Mitchell Pollitt as Duke Moonwalker, Clementine Morfoot as Captain Kyan, Kerri Hoskins as Empress Annoya, and ‘Chicago’s Own’ Jeff Hoover as Professor Plotnik.

The award was for the category of ‘Overall Booth Experience’.

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