New Houdini Code Update: 21.01.21

1/20/2021 by American Pinball

New Houdini Code Update: 21.01.21


New Houdini code update 21.01.21 is now available for download.

This code update provides rules and scoring enhancements, new light shows and sounds, improved choreography and game flow, and bug fixes.

Please read the Release Notes prior to installing.

Download the update at


Latest Version: 21.01.21


Release Notes


Updating your Houdini machine is a simple process. During the update

process, none of your current settings will be changed.

To install the update . . .

1) Download the update code and copy it onto a USB stick (FAT32,

minimum 4 GB). Make sure the USB Stick does NOT have a space in the


2) Turn on your Houdini machine.

3) Open the coin door and find the USB extension cable. It should be

anchored to the side wall of the cabinet.

4) Insert the USB stick into the extension cable.

5) After a few seconds, the display should indicate that code is being

updated. The code update process takes approximately 10 minutes.

6) An on-screen message will advise when the update process is

complete. Shut down the game, remove the USB stick, and power the

game back up.

7) Make some magic!





New — Magic Spinner Bonus — after the magic shop is opened,

additional spins would collect towards a magic spinner bonus that is

collected at the magic shop. Bonus is 400 * spins * visits to the shop.

Accumulated bonus spins are zeroed out at end of ball.

New — King of Cars accuracy bonus — based on how many successful

throw are made, an accuracy scoring bonus is added to the total.

Accuracy is based on cards available to throw, not the number thrown. It

is possible to exceed 100% by making ‘doubleʼ shots. Example, making

5 of 10, will award an additional 50% of the points earned

New — Magic Stand-up targets can now help secret missions, missions

completed without magic target help score double.

New — During a jail escape, hitting an escape letter will add the original hurry up value to the current hurry up value

New — During the Great Jail Escape hitting an unlit escape letter will

reset the hurry up value back to the start value and add 5 seconds.

New — Setting to allow play to continue after Master Magician, if you

have additional balls. The default setting is game ends after Master

Magician, which is the current behavior.

New — Second Houdini letters for escapes and secret missions (note

default settings around Houdini letters have been adjusted as part of

this release for escapes, missions, stage acts and magic shop visits, you

may want to change you Houdini letters in adjustments).

New — pricing plan. 4 units for 1 credit, 20 for 6, support for ‘Tokensʼ currency type

New — Sound effects on lower lanes and inner loop

New — Upper Catapult switch compensation

New — More ‘today in historyʼ added

Modified — Lots of new and improved light shows

Modified — Ball save adjustments on Trunk MB

Modified — Film Modes that start with Trunk Multiball will start even if catapult misses

Modified — Magic Shop hole ball handling and choreography

Modified — Catapult/Trunk lock and movie start processing

Modified — Can no longer start Trunk MB or Seance during Movie Binge

Modified — A missed catapult throw that drains while Movie is starting, will not end ball.

Modified — Start Button attract

Modified — Magnet behavior during Multiball

Modified — Can no longer start a mode once the Great Jail Escape has started

Modified — Movie Binge can no longer start if MB or a stage mode are running

Modified — Movie Binge now has a wrap-up screen, and more sound calls

Modified — Card detection at higher speeds in card king

Modified — Timer behavior during catapult sequences.

Modified — Main score screen to better show scores of 10,000,000 and up

Fixed — issue where an extra ball could be put in play on a catapult miss

when Trunk MB or a movie was starting

Fixed — Movies will still start on a catapult miss

Fixed — Master Magician was requiring three hits per Seance letter not two, as the rules stated.

Fixed — Clearing balls could result in a game reset

Fixed — collecting the last Houdini letter will no longer say “collect Houdini letters . . . “

Fixed — Issue where the HOUDINI encore chat would not end even afte collecting the Encore Bonus

Fixed — black screen that appears between high score entry and match

Fixed — display info when pricing is for 20 Kroner, it was incorrectly showing 15

Fixed — reset audits sometimes crashing the game and not resettin properly

Fixed — Tilt during film mode preventing future film modes from bein started

Fixed — left and right lock releasing more than one ball when certai magnet or dimming activity was occurring

Fixed — Elephant shaker action playing during outlane modes

Fixed — Stage monitor not showing proper image when Master Magician is ready

Fixed — display issue on progress ribbon if 10 or more illusions performed

Fixed — position of commas on main screen when score is 10,000,000 or more

Fixed — left and right lock releasing more than one ball when certain

magnet or dimming activity was occurring

Fixed — Tilt during film mode preventing future film modes from being started

Fixed — Incorrect game tip wording


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