American Pinball Livestream #3: Houdini

2/18/2024 by American Pinball

American Pinball Livestream #3: Houdini

The one where Ray Leitzke returned for another round and brought Michael Benjamin, General Manager of Enterrium entertainment center to try his hand at Houdini’s Magical performances.

We also talked about the reemergence of the PAPA World Pinball Championships as a Memorial for Suicide Awareness in memory of Lyman F. Sheats Jr. It will be held this September 5th through 8th at Enterrium in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Pro Tip: When you have your Houdini set up, make sure the game is balanced so you can backhand both the left “Light Lock” lane from the left flipper and the right “inner orbit” lock shot from the right flipper. This will help you progress further in the game more consistently.

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