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American Pinball is owned and operated by the country's top pinball manufacturers. Our Houdini pinball machine is quickly becoming a national favorite. Full of magic, illusions, and escapes, Houdini captures the and celebrates the mystique that surrounded this once-in-a-lifetime figure. Perfect for your game room; a great add-on to your bar, restaurant or other establishments, having a Houdini machine will draw lots of attention and bring hours of fun for everyone around.

What You Will Get When You Purchase Your Houdini

We take great pride in our work, and each Houdini is hand-crafted with the finest attention to detail. Each piece of Houdini is handled delicately at all times and shipped fresh off the assembly line to you. When your Houdini arrives, you will notice the sturdy box and padding to protect your machine and its parts. Assembly is a cinch, even for non-mechanically inclined buyers. Most people can set up Houdini in less than a half-hour. Of course, if you're in the Chicago area, you can always stop by and pick one up yourself. When opening the box, be sure to remove the staples, so you don't prick yourself. If you need help at any step during installation, don't hesitate to call for technical support.

Features of Houdini

The Houdini comes with two LCD screens. One LCD screen is on the playfield and one in the translite. The display in the translite tells players what mode they are in or what their specific game objective is at any time.

The pop bumpers are designed with locks and chains. The chains are attached to each pop bumper as if locking them in a Houdini straight-jacket.

The Houdini Grand Marquee display has ten different stage modes. Shoot the Marquee three times to open it or get the pinball up into one of the key lanes to open it. You can lock your balls in there. The Grand Marquee advances your objectives, shows how much time you have left, and what you're supposed to be doing now.

Another cool feature of Houdini is the steamer trunk catapult. When you shoot the ball into the lane, it goes down the ramp and fires into the steamer trunk.

The slingshots and flippers are well designed and perfectly blend in with the Houdini theme and artwork.

The milk can is another feature of Houdini that serves to advance bonuses or give you score multipliers.

There's also a rabbit in the hat spinner that you can hit to open up a new trick.

The playfield also has magic targets. When you shoot these magic targets, the magnets in Houdini's hand fling the ball around like a magic trick.

Houdini lets you perform a seance. One of the objectives of the game is spell S E A N C E. Also if you lose a ball, you will get a chance to perform a seance to bring your ball back from the dead.

Game Play

Overall, the Houdini, made by the top pinball manufacturers at American Pinball, is an addictive game with lots of goals and objectives. Additionally, you can purchase Houdini interior art, a Houdini shaker, magic glass, and other cool accessories that enhance the look and feel of Houdini.

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