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Located in the heart of Chicago, Illinois, American Pinball company exists to provide the best pinball machines anywhere on earth. We do everything we do with the pinball enthusiast and arcade operator in mind. We are one of the top pinball manufacturers in the world, but we certainly weren't the first. We are proud to be part of a long tradition that goes back a very long way.

A short history of America's finest arcade game

The first true pinball machines debuted in the 1930s. Early versions of the popular game included "Bingo," “Baffle Ball” and “Bally Hoo” made by the Bingo Novelty Company and D. Gottlieb & Company pinball manufacturers. The earliest machines were mechanical and used no electricity. Harry Williams debuted the first battery operated machine in 1933. In 1934, many pinball machines were retrofitted to plug into electrical outlets. Interestingly, the name “pinball” wasn't used commercially to describe arcade games until 1936.

Pinball bumpers started being incorporated into machines around 1937. The first pinball machine with bumpers was a Bally Hoo game aptly called “Bumper.” Pinball flippers were a later addition to machines, coming into vogue in the late 1940s. The first pinball machine to utilize flippers was “Humpty Dumpty” by D. Gottlieb & Company pinball manufacturers. The first two-player pinball machines made their arcade debut in the 1950s.

The very first digital scoring pinball machine, "Rally Girl," appeared in arcades in 1966. Nine years later, the or0iginal solid-state electronic pinball machine, "Spirit of 76," was released by Micro pinball manufacturers. 1998 saw the first pinball machine that had a video screen. Today, many machines are entirely digital.

American Pinball's debut game

A lively pinball game called Houdini is the premiere offering of the game designers and pinball machine builders at American Pinball. If our forward momentum continues at the current pace, we'll certainly be designing and building more games in the not too distant future. In the meantime, a lot of people are buying and enjoying Houdini, says PinBallPro magazine. Here's how they describe the new game that's taking the world of pinball by storm:

Playfield features of the Houdini pinball machine

  • Three magnets that control Houdini's magic
  • 20 inch launch
  • Animated and interactive theater marquee
  • API stage
  • Theater spotlights
  • Laser-engraved wood planchette
  • Custom padlock
  • Customs bumper tops
  • Six balls

Rule features of Houdini pinball machine

  • Five Multi balls
  • Ten stage modes
  • Three magician modes
  • One master magician mode
  • Five secret missions combo modes
  • Five silent movie modes
  • Five jail escapes
  • One video mode
  • Milkcan multiplier

The Houdini game from American Pinball manufacturers weighs in at around 275 pounds in the box. Dimensions are 75″H x 29″W x 55″D. A 15.6″ full color LCD screen and six stereo speaks assure plenty of exciting game play.


When you know more about Houdini pinball machines, call American Pinball Inc. at (847) 893-6800. You may also see our machine up close and personal at many distributors from coast to coast. 

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