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Pinball Machine Suppliers

Pinball Machine Suppliers

If you invest in a new pinball machine, you'd better know where to get parts from reliable pinball machine suppliers. Good thing you found us. We are American Pinball Inc. and not only do we make a dynamic new game called Houdini, we also offer replacement parts and software upgrades to keep your investment in tip-top condition.

Pinball Machine Supplies we have in stock today

  • Three-ball locks
  • Three-ball under-trough assemblies
  • Six-ball troughs
  • Adjustable down post assemblies
  • Adjustable up post assemblies
  • Back boxes and back panels
  • Catapult assemblies
  • Fuses and flippers
  • Ramp assemblies
  • Spotlight assemblies
  • Steamer trunk diverter assemblies
  • VUK assemblies

Of course, this is not a comprehensive list of everything we carry in our capacity as pinball machine suppliers. The above merely serves to assure you that when you need any part or schematic for your Houdini pinball machine, you'll find precisely the thing you want in our easy to navigate online parts catalog.

Weird pinball facts

It may surprise you to learn that pinball used to be against the law in most American cities. Pinball and pinball machine suppliers were banned in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and other big cities from the early 1940s until the late 1970s, explains Popular Mechanics magazine.

New York lawmakers at the time deemed that pinball was not a game that required skill. They said it was a game of chance and luck and that if allowed, pinball machines would steal lunch money from the pockets of little New York kids. To be fair, circa 194s pinball did require less skill than today's modern games. Remarkably, pinball was not re-legalized in Manhattan until 1976.

There is a museum dedicated to pinball machine suppliers in Alameda, California. Here one may marvel at the most notable art from pinball back-glass wizards Christian Marche, Roy Parker ,Gordon Morrison and Dave Christiansen. Kings among pinball artists of their time, each of these artists brought their own unique sensibility to back-glass artwork. The Pacific Pinball Museum also boasts extensive pinball themed murals by contemporary California artists Dan Fontes, d’Arci Bruno and Ed Cassel. If you're in the San Francisco Bay Area, be sure to visit this one-of-a-kind museum and gallery. If you're a pinball enthusiast, it will be an afternoon very well spent.

Houdini pinball machine stats

The Houdini from American Pinball Inc. weighs in at a substantial 275 pounds in the box. Dimensions are 75″H x 29″W x 55″D. Six stereo speaks and a 15.6″ full color LCD screen guarantee years of exciting game play.

Houdini is our first game, but it certainly won't be our last. Nationwide enthusiasm for the new Houdini game is precisely the spark we need to design and build the next great game. While we're doing that, you are welcomed to visit select pinball machine distributors from coast to coast. To find a vendor in your area, please call American Pinball Inc. at (847) 893-6800.

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