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Pinball Chicago

Pinball Chicago

Pinball is one of the most fun and challenging aracade games and it has endured over the years. First invented in Chicago, pinball has been making a comeback in recent years. Those who are new to the game of pinball in Chicago are in for some excitement. Unlike video games, pinball machines give you the opportunity to see and feel the game in real time as you play. Pinball machines are exciting and have plenty of lights and sounds that make the game enjoyable and exciting.

About American Pinball in Chicago

Pinball in Chicago is an institution. At American Pinball we provide high quality pinball games to customers and distributors worldwide. We understand the pinball like no other company and we prove it every day with our top notch games, service and support.

Our team gathers information from real pinball players and uses that data to create the best and most entertaining games possible. Our games have appeal to collectors and players alike. They are uniquely designed to create an end product that we are proud to sell. We have a passion for pinball and it shows in everything we do.

Our mission at American Pinball is to create a company that distinguishes itself from the rest of the pinball industry. We make sure that we manufacture the best possible pinball machines and continue to promote pinball in Chicago and around the world.

Houdini, Master of Mystery

Our Houdini pinball game is one of our latest creations. Houdini was known around the world as a “master of mystery” and our game captures that mystique. This is a premier machine with all of the details you expect from an American Pinball game. The pinball game lets you help Houdini perform some of his most well-known tricks and you can also participate in a séance, be part of his movies and take part in secret missions.

The game features a 20 inch launch into Houdini’s steamer trunk. There is an animated and interactive theatre-style marquee and API theatre stage. Theatre spotlights help add to the ambiance as you guide the ball through the many sequences. There are 6 balls for play with 5 multi-balls.

There are 10 stage modes, 3 magician modes and a master magician mode. You also get to explore with 5 secret mission combo modes and 5 Houdini silent movie modes. There are 5 jail escape hurry-ups and a video mode. These features, combined with a skillfully crafted cabinet, make this game one of the most unique on the market today.

We are proud to be a part of the Pinball Expo. This 5-day event located in the Chicago suburbs, offers a chance to hear speakers, view pinball games, watch pinball tournaments and talk to vendors like us. The Pinball Expo is in its 34th year and is open to the public. It is the longest running event that is dedicated to pinball. Contact us online to learn more about our exciting pinball games and to find out where you can purchase or play Houdini. 

Pinball Chicago
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