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Top Pinball Manufacturers

American Pinball is one of the top pinball manufactures in the game today. Currently rolling out one of the most sought-after pinball machines around, American Pinball excels at making tables for people of all ages, which goes by the name of Houdini Master of Mystery this time around. Learn more about American Pinball’s dedication to manufacturing the world’s top pinball machines by visiting our ‘About Us’ section online.

Pinball Machine Suppliers

American Pinball is quickly taking its place as a world leader of pinball machine suppliers. Houdini Master of Mystery, American Pinball’s new table, makes that clear like few other tables today can. Pinball machine suppliers know novelty and innovation when they see it, as do pinball enthusiasts, and on the subject of Houdini Master of Mystery, they are in perfect agreement: this is one table that must be experienced!

New Pinball Machines

Making a new pinball machine that changes the way the world looks at the game of bumpers, flippers, and nudging is a real achievement, as American Pinball can attest. Contributions to the game have been innumerable over the years, but the newest addition to this world of coin-operated joy is a game called Houdini Master of Mystery—and it’s one of the market’s most-requested new pinball machines in production. Feel free to browse Houdini’s playfield features and take a closer look at the table by clicking on the ‘Games Page’ at the American Pinball website.

Pinball Manufacturers

There are pinball manufacturers, and then there is American Pinball, the team that’s behind Houdini Master of Mystery, pinball’s latest passion. So far, the game has made it clear, American Pinball is creating masterpieces of entertainment that are destined to endure for generations to come. If it’s a Houdini table you’re after, there are numerous distributors throughout the U.S. who can provide you with more information on how to become an owner of one of the most-requested games on the market today.

Pinball Manufacturers Chicago

While there’s no shortage of pinball manufacturers in Chicago, one name has earned a reputation for crafting quality pinball machines that stand the test of time. American Pinball is creating some of the finest pinball machines the world has ever seen with Houdini Master of Mystery—and it’s currently available for purchase. Take a closer look at Houdini’s rules and playfield features on our website and be a part of the greatest tricks ever performed!

Pinball Chicago

American Pinball is ushering in a whole new level of passionate craftsmanship to the pinball community—just ask longtime pinball lovers of Chicago, the reigning pinball capital of the world! Simply put, American Pinball’s dedication to making the world’s highest quality tables has led us to manufacture one of the finest pinball machines ever imagined, Houdini Master of Mystery. American Pinball lives in Chicago, as does its latest contribution to the community. Explore Houdini Master of Mystery and experience the wonder.

Pinball Machines

In an industry where most of today’s machines are mass-produced, there is still one company manufacturing quality pinball machines, one product at a time. American Pinball presents Houdini Master of Mystery to rave review. Not all pinball machines are created equal, as Houdini Master of Mystery so clearly demonstrates. For the first time, pinball enthusiasts are able to play a machine that parallels the real-life Houdini and his death-defying exploits. Ropes slung from skyscrapers, straitjackets under water—never before has a pinball machine attempted to emulate such heroics. It took an Am

Pinball Machine Best

Which pinball machine is best, according to 2018 polls? Pinball enthusiasts say the new Houdini Master of Mystery table rivals the best pinball machines ever made and American Pinball is inclined to agree with them. Explore the machine that’s named after master American illusionist, Harry Houdini, and see why it’s quickly become the most requested machine on the market today. When it comes to a tradition as storied as American Pinball’s, naming the best pinball machine is no easy task. Explore Houdini Master of Mystery and experience the best pinball has to offer.

Pinball Games

Few pinball games being manufactured today can compare with the quality and eye for detail that you’ll find when you experience Houdini Master of Mystery. True to form, this is one pinball game you won’t easily escape from, though you’re sure to delight in trying! An interactive experience that will draw you in, Houdini Master of Mystery lets you in on the tricks, stunts, and secrets that made the master illusionist the legend he was. Download promotional material from American Pinball online.


Explore the latest marvel of modern pinball with American Pinball’s Houdini Master of Mystery. This is a table that’s taking the pinball industry by storm—and for good reason: it embodies all of the escapes, illusions, and magic that made Houdini famous alongside the thrilling and timeless design of American Pinball. A celebration of the life and legend of Harry Houdini, it’s one of the most intriguing pinball machines ever manufactured for one of America’s most intriguing heroes.

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